Wednesday, September 27, 2006

say it with a smile

No offense, honestly, but in the words of my hero, Willie...... can you hear this?
No more entries for this week...Michael is gone, daddy, gone, the love is gone away...that's right, folks. He is NOT finishing his two weeks notice and we are OUTTA HERE tomorrow!!!! WOOT!!!!

Impromtu camping in the last warm days of a glorious summer... I am so thrilled by the words "pack up."
It means smiles and smoke, hiking and Songs From the Wood(shout out to Jethro Tull) means nights with stars in the sky instead of city means easy smiles on my love's sweet means means there are not enough words to tell you what I mean...or it means I don't know those means I am in love with a boy and his van....
You all have a good weekend....we are starting early and will be back later!
much love to you all....WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


To all of you out there who sent birthday wishes my way....via e-mail, blog, cards or phone calls...thank you so very much...I appreciate each and every gesture of friendship...I love you all...
Thank you, Michael, for remembering the important details.....
Thank you, Beauty Queen, for making me feel a Queen on my birthday!!!!
Can I thank you enough for the sinful pumpkin cheesecake?!?!? Never. And the gifts? Everyone, thank you, thank you....and the flowers? Gorgeous!!!
And more flowers? Stunning. Beyond all reason, you have all outdone yourselves. I feel blessed and did I get so lucky as to land where I have landed? Thank you one, thank you very much.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

speaking of spiders...

over on thebridgeofcows , the subject of spiders came up...kind of, in a roundabout fashion.... so, in sticking with the subject, here is a regular spider, not a Daddy Long Legs. I can handle this spider, even appreciate it a bit because IT IS OUTSIDE, where it belongs. I may be able to find a Daddy Long Legs in our basement...and that, also, is alright...they seem wobbly, uncoodinated and kind of cute. Also? They eat Wolf Spiders, which are not cute, are not liked and are absolutely not wanted in my house but do find their way in sometimes. Here are just a couple more shots of Piper's Lagoon yesterday....
...and then I will move on to something else...
*Note to Self* Find a blog subject today.... and take something out of the freezer for dinner.....

Monday, September 25, 2006

another dog walk....

Some days, dog walks are better than others...the weather, the air, the emotions...the place...Yesterday, Michael and I took Emma to Piper's was Maggie's favorite walk...don't ask me how I know, I just do. It is unexplainable. Two days before we relieved her of her suffering, we drove Maggie out here one last time. We had not returned since...and that has been a shame. It is my favourite park, also. There is so much beauty wrapped up in a small package at this park...yesterday, I encountered it all again, walking with Michael, Emma and the ghost of Maggie.
Garry of the most fantastic groves of these beauties...
...the colours and the smells of fall on the coast.....
I love, love, love when Michael has the time to come with us on our walks... he is absolutely in his element outdoors, in seems a shame to confine him to town life...his smiles comes easier out doors....he is a wonder to me...still.
Emma and I in the foggy, foggy dew....

it's good to have a master baker.....

for one of your bestest friends.... on your birthday.....more later.....

Friday, September 22, 2006

It's my birthday and I'll mop if I want to, mop if I want to

I know I have mentioned my need to clean once or twice on this's not anything too least I don't think so. My house does not look like a biosphere bubble or fact, right now, it seems downright dirty to me. I would take a photo of my floors, but it is far too embarrassing. Honestly. The desire broke down a bit after Maggie left me...I didn't want to sweep up the last of her hair or wash away the smell of her from my furniture took a while to get it back, that cleaning bug, but on mornings like today, the broom feels nice in my hands and the mirrors are shiny...and I love that feeling of supreme accomplishment that I get when I look at the end result. This looks like a dream I honestly might have at night...a good dream, a clean dream...I might be smelling Mr. Clean and Murphy's Oil Soap and be smiling in my sleep....aaahhhh....sweet, sweet dreams. My sister has these dreams, too, only she smells lysol. My mom vaccuums every day....
The reason this comes up is this...last night, my good friend DB was here for a girl's cocktail hour. Michael came home just as I was lamenting how horrible my floor looks because I have broken, yet again, another mop. I don't know how I keep breaking them. All I am doing is MOPPING. Anyhow, Michael laughs and says with my birthday coming up, maybe he could just wrap up a new mop. DB told him "NO WAY are you getting her a mop for her birthday. That's like getting a vaccuum for Christmas!" I didn't dare to tell her that I ASKED for a vaccuum once for Christmas from my dad....and I really would like a mop for my birthday...a Super Duper Unbreakable Mop... and these!!!!

Look at this... they make sinks for mops!!!! Isn't it beautiful? I want one of those in the best/worst way....and an automatic dust mop like this little cutie ....

Ah, a mop, just a mop....simple enough... why do they disappoint me so? I really want to have a clean floor today so it looks like I am doing the old Cinderella again today... so I better get to it...I can't have clean windows and a dirty floor...have a good weekend, all.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

from one coast to another

Cara posted this on her site, carawinsorhehir , yesterday... this is the Rescue that brought Emma to us...I love how small the world gets sometimes, don't you? My little Emma was from the same town as my new friend, Cara! So there you have it....that's all I got today...but get on over to her site and check out the art work. She's a talent and then some!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Chase River Estuary Dog Walk

Thought I might take you all along on my dog walk by the river.... this giant steel circle is at the beginning of the walk...I am not sure what it is, but it sure looks cool. It would be a good place to take an album cover shot(CD, album, whatever). Coal mines were here long ago and maybe this is some leftover of that age gone by...they loaded ships with coal here... Foundations of miners' housing or coal mine offices, I will assume. There are numerous old foundations here and the trees growing through them are they were abandoned long ago...
I like this one...
A derelict old piece of rust....
Little white balls of something...I don't know what this bush you? Barb, are you reading this? You must know the name of this.
Rose hips
and cattails at the end of our walk...thanks for coming along.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

wow! photos!

So, only yesterday did I not say I didn't want to curse us by saying the neighbourhood had been so quiet? No sooner did I press the Publish button than I turned around to see, out my front window, a white work van(Active Contol Services, by the way, I will be sending you a letter!) pick up a hooker in front of my house!!! I haven't seen a hooker on this block in weeks...really. The timing was just too uncanny. Then later, not one, but two drug deals out front in these two the same time....with two different dealers!!!! The photo of the dark van? You can just see the dealer approaching...he is everywhere in the southend...totally recognizable and creepy... the other dealer I had not seen before but he got out of a pretty nice vehicle and was selling to whoever is in that white truck...pretty fancy vehicles for crack so I don't know... occupants of both went to Spanglish, the CrackHead Convenience Store across the street....
D&L 's renters have been broken into twice in the past two weeks.... D thinks it might have something to do with her run-in with that one particular pimp a while back...though it may have something to do with the renters... all students with some pricey 'puters and such and maybe someone knew what was in there. The thing is, the second break-in was at 3 pm with D&L in the back yard! Creepy and bold, no? Hmmm...let's see, oh, I was walking home the other evening alone, and a creep in a silver pick-up did the slow-down-drive-by. He thought I was a hooker but realized his mistake when he saw me glaring at him. I SHOULD have smiled and waved him over so that I could have had a little "talk" about what the eff he is doing cruising my hood...but I can't think of those things that quickly.
I think there is a grow-op in the little blue house on the corner...seems weird that they put so much effort into cleaning it up and painting, etc... and they DID kick out the crack heads as soon as they were made aware of it...but now the cars are only there for a while in the daylight hours, and there are people about in there but not one stitch of furniture....but hey, a grow op is much quieter than a crack house, so it IS an improvement, if you ask me....and that's it for the neighbourhood haps for now...aside from yesterday's little spike, it really has been much calmer around here.

Dear Blogger

I have been noticing that you are temperamental lately...are you feeling alright? You are not doing the things you once did for me...for instance, why can't you load a picture anymore? I thought we had that all figured out long ago...and with all the practice you've had, I would think it would have gotten easier, not more difficult for you. I'm concerned. We're all concerned. We, your friends and I, have noticed a definite change in your attitude and performance...are you partying too much? Is there a new love in your life or did someone dump you in a painful and debilitating manner? Have you been drinking? Or worse? Honestly, we all want you to get better...we enjoy our times together....what can we do to help?
with much love and concern,

Monday, September 18, 2006

success at last

Poncho and
Lefty....I didn't want them to feel left out of the pet love fest...Sebastion is still holed up in his den....I will check tomorrow...everytime he does his disappearance, I count the days til he comes back's been long enough, already. Doesn't he know I worry? How long can a hermit crab last in captivity?
We had to light the damn stove last night....waaaaahhhh...I hate it when winter is so depressing...
One Kodak moment...Emma curled up on the couch next to my purse, a gift from one of my oldest and dearests, from a time ago when my life revolved around another beagle....Honest!!! This was not set up!!!! Neighbourhood haps tomorrow....g'nite.

three times, no charm....

Anyone else today having photo troubles in Blogger? It is just as well, I suppose. Just more photos of Emma...Have walked the neighbourhood more times in the past three days than the past eight months put together. I have yet to take the camera, as Emma is a handful without worrying about the damn camera. And I hate to curse us by saying how quiet the neighbourhood has turned lately(you all understand that when I say quiet that's it's in a "relatively speaking" kind of way, right?)...and with the rainy season coming along, it is bound to get even quieter...what will I write about?!?
Well, this was my third try to load some photos today without success, so I will leave it for now. Maybe later or maybe tomorrow...I haven't had much news to you all later!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Willie Nelson

Here is my hero, Willie, singing the song of another hero, Daniel Lanois, while Daniel plays a mean Telecaster and Willie plays good can it get?

Saturday, September 16, 2006

one more call for alcohol...

2am and the lights are blazing out front...we are blocks from the downtown clubs, so this is really not an uncommon sight. The lights woke me and I stumbled out to the front of the house to watch, lurid lookey-loo that I's not very exciting anymore but sometimes it's so damn funny, in a sick, sad way...cuz they haven't killed anyone yet. This guy thought he was on his way to an after-hours party, I think. He yelled at a couple of cars going by to pull over and wait for him. He thought he wasn't drunk. He is yelling at cars in the middle of a sobriety test, two cops, lights flashing, convinced he is not drunk... hmmm. You fail. While they were handcuffing him, two drunk as skunk guys stumbled up the road, loud and rowdy...but smart enough to walk home so home they went. You don't have to be brilliant when you're just have to know you're drunk! I couldn't stay awake for the tow truck, the final humiliation. He had a blazer on wheels as tall as my entire car, so they had to call in a flat-bed took too long. I was tired.
Here she is...we decided on Emma...I don't know where that name came from at the final moment. We just had to have a name and Michael called her Emma...and it stuck, immediately. She must like it, as she is already responding to it...eerie, isn't it? Don't those ears just make you want to cry?
For the Adult in Question and for Life...don't you just love him?

Thursday, September 14, 2006

asleep at last

We were thinking of calling her "Newfie." She knows no commands...she doesn't know what "no" means...she has no clue we are calling her...lord, for all the crap this little one has been through, and there is much more to her story, she is a sweet tempered thing(except with other dogs) and I have high hopes that she is going to blossom with all the attention that was previously lacking in her life...I need to go collapse now. G'nite.

I can breathe again

Up early, cup of joe and out the door to the ferry...shuttle on over, turn right around and come home again...but not empty handed! She looks, for all the world, in this first photo like Maggie...but of course, she is her own dog and I have figured that out already!!! She has had a rough start to her life...or first third of her life, I guess. Used for backyard breeding in St. John's, she escaped, dragging her chain behind her. She went to the SPCA. They turned her over to BeaglePaws, a Newfoundland Beagle Rescue. Her poor beagle ears were tattered from untreated infection... nobody knows how many litters she might have had but since she is so small, her puppies were pretty popular, I imagine.
She is a little camera shy...she will have to get over that living with me. She is 13 inches high, 13 pounds heavy. She is darling...a little, little girl. So far as I can tell, she doesn't know many(any?) commands but she is still pretty good, though completely unsocialized to other dogs...she is finally asleep and maybe I can take some better photos now that she has quit moving...and I can take a snooze, as well...maybe. We've had a bit of playtime already, she tried to eat a matchbox car(vw bus), she peed on the floor, and nearly had a fight with Yuko...after the ferry trip, the car trips, the flight from Newfoundland, changing hands numerous times, I'd say she has had a full week.
She won't hold still for a can just see the tatters of her ear at the top of the's healed now so it doesn't look too bad, but it is more than noticeable...anyhow, I should take advantage of her sleep to get some things done around a beer, maybe.
Her name was Sylvan originally...Rescue called her Charlotte. I don't like either of those, but should come up with something send you suggestions....more later...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Sleep has been evasive lately...maybe it's the moon. Maybe it's the change in barometric pressure...we have gone from warm summer to definite fall overnight. The wind came up out of nowhere last night...we didn't sleep much...this morning I had to wear socks...Socks? I could just cry. Honest. Well, actually, I did cry but I did mention the lack of sleep, didn't I? And, in all honesty, I am utterly distracted the past few the lack of sleep, the wind, the high pressure-low pressure end of summer...there's more to the story, but I am holding my breath until I will let you know then, ok?

Who do you dance like?!?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Martha don't live here, revisited

Here is what a five gallon batch of Extra Special Bitter(Dark) Ale with extra hops looks like in the beginning....the smell, people, of warm hops cooking in my house makes me feel all warm and fuzzy...I am home again.... downwind of the brewery, smelling that warm, green smell of my childhood.
Here is what six pounds of organic basil, three kinds of parmesan(two are sheep cheese, mmmm), pine nuts, walnuts, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, sun-dried tomatoes and 1971 blender(poor thing nearly died) look like at the beginning.....a small fortune of moolah invested here to make....

the loveliest of several flavours....already some of the bottles are disappearing around the neighbourhood...we celebrated the final result with a dinner of sauteed veggies over an herbed linguine with a most excellent creamy pesto sauce over it all....lordy, I am hungry again!
Will post with some stories later. Until then....