Tuesday, March 30, 2010


it appears i have a weird blogger stalker....let's call him/her Snarky.  that's the kind of comments It leaves.  

Seriously, if you have nothing better to do than leave snarky comments? might i suggest the white house webpage? or ottawa's?  

also? if you post snarky remarks under the name of Anon?  well, really? do i really care about your comments?   no.  

if you can't claim them, don't say them.

have i done something to you? something that makes you find some reason to follow my blog? evidently, if you're following, you find something you like...but you post such "snarky"  comments...i doubt you like it but..........you're still here.

yes, i delete them, your comments...they are neither prophetic nor constructive....kinda like the porn links i hate.

 if you have your own site, and i lambasted you, i might understand........but really? would i ever do that? not really. so...... move on, Dear Anon.  there must be more folks willing to argue. i'm not that person. i'm just trying to say what i need to say to get along in my life...i don't mind a little opposition, but snarkiness for the sake of snarkiness?  especially anonymously, means you don't deserve the platform. 

Thursday, March 25, 2010

it's Springtime.....

and you know what that means....time to check out Piper's Lagoon.

We had friends visiting this week, so we got to look at our favorite park with fresh eyes during our dog walk.

And? Our timing was perfect. Chocolate lilies in bloom!!!!

Everyone took a moment to stop and smell the flowers...or the leftover rabbit scents, as the case may be.

Blankets and blankets of fawn lilies...this park is amazing.

There's always a special moment to find.

How much do you think this waterfront property goes for?

I am always a sucker for fungus!

High contrast.

Sea spray.

My one millionth photo of Shack Island. Nearly, anyway.

Another sea spray?!? I am not too sure. It nearly looks like cherry blossom.

....and last but not least, succulent succulents.

You know, since this new computer came into my life, Blogger is kinda hard to navigate. I don't know if it's the computer or Blogger, per se, but once i load photos, i can't type anything without it coming up highlighted as if it's a link. so i have to write in the edit page and then i can't look at my photos so my commentary is lost because there is nothing poetic about looking at html. i guess if i were blogging more, i might be able to figure it out. then again, i probably couldn't. if you all have a clue for me?!? i would be greatly appreciative.

Thanks for walking with us!

Monday, March 22, 2010

lightening up.....

So Beauty Queen is up and running...the painting and construction are done....for the most part.  If you're here in town and need a style or a bit of colour....something new and fresh?  Might I suggest you give the Beauty Queen and Fabu(once known as Brian) a call. 

Sunday, March 21, 2010

if these shadows have offended, think but this and all is mended....

what i find the hardest part about blogging/facebook/online life is this....

i find that anything i say anymore offends somebody...
somebody that i find a friend.
if i was talking to them, face to face, i would certainly avoid such subjects....
i am a libra, after all...if you even believe in that(don't take that comment personally if you do)

mostly, i think my want to please all comes from a fractious childhood...and the thousand years of wiring in my brain...i have things to say, things to relay, things to explain.

i have folks waiting...for explanations. 

at the same time....i feel i have nothing to explain....i have offended...i have been offended. i haven't called you on it.  i mean, not you literally....but still.....you know.  

you know what i mean?

no, i guess you don't...not you, literally... but still....you know?

Friday, March 12, 2010

that was a good show.....

been painting my friend's new place of business, she's opening up her own shop... unexpectedly she handed me two tickets to see a show tonight....


thanks ever so...it was a great evening.

Monday, March 08, 2010

thinking pretty highly of himself....

 I have always wanted to see Sting live...so,  I think to myself here is the Golden Opportunity to do so...he's gonna be at Vancouver's Centre for the Performing Arts... I saw k.d. lang there...it's a magical place, not too big, great sound.  Tickets went on sale today, and even though I have nearly emptied my fun fund after my car died right in the middle of major home structural repairs, I thought it would be something really special...ya know, since any hope of a trip to Mexico is off this year. Or anywhere else, for that matter.

Tickets?  $267.00.  Each.

Sorry, Sting, but I believe you're thinking a little too highly of yourself.   I was sixth row center for k.d. lang, took my friend along with me, we stayed overnight,  it still cost me less than one ticket would to your show. Seriously.

But have i mentioned i AM going to see Rick Mercer in two weeks?  And i AM going to see Martin Sexton in June, I  believe...maybe it's May.  


To the asshole leaving comments that lead to porn pages

FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it would be really shitty if i have to turn on comment moderation because of you, asshat!

Thursday, March 04, 2010


i won't be there to try out all Heidi's dresses for the Junos red carpet.Happily, Crafty Missus will be there to take care of all alterations... because, if you haven't heard, Mr. John "Beetle" Bailey has been nominated for the FOURTH time in a row...he's got it once before, and now we all know this is his moment.  It's not like we have to root for him, since we all know he's got it in the bag, eh?  But??? Keep that hope in your heart right up....it certainly worked for Team Canada....and we all know how that turned out, eh?

my boyfriend's best friend's band made a video

and i like it....go figure.....hey, Jethro, what do you think?

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Monday, March 01, 2010