Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010

just stumbled upon some nostagia

and thought i would test the new scanner before uploading embarrassing photos of my sister to facebook(like she has done repeatedly to me)....

this? this was a very good, no this was a great, show...because, Harry is a born show-man.  His dad came out and sang with was a supper club show(book a dinner and sit nice and close) was beautiful, he was gracious, he is a storyteller and the stories were great, he gave his band time and opportunity to show themselves....and i will never forget Harry's impersonation of Axyl Rose. Devilishly and delightyfully dead-on.  

Thursday, February 18, 2010

just a little thing i might call overkill

the contractors(with their baby faces) have been on time, even early, every day. they work hard. they work long hours. i wonder how long their baby faces will look like baby faces...but the concrete truck coming with concrete to repair our foundation wall up front was two (plus something hours late).  our contractors are still here.  do i feed them dinner now on top of the lunch i fed them while they waited?  i mean...they're so young and earnest....i think Mike Holmes might even like these guys. they work hard. Hey Mike?, if you are looking for help? We might have some names for you.

Monday, February 15, 2010

egads...........i need a hero

i am between meds....coming off one, hoping the next works nerves are better than(worse than?) shot.....every loud thing feels like someone is scraping the innermost lining of my skin(of my being) off with a once sharp but now blunt object.... and really? Noise has always been an issue of my life....if you know what what i mean, bless you.

and? there are contractors working on my house with jackhammers. jackhammers....not only that? the little ones didn't work so they had to go back for the big guns.  my whole body aches. for no reasonable reason i can explain....except those who know, know. thank god for you.

and? my car(my beloved Bubbles Two) is most officially dead...more like D-E-D.  we looked at the Truck That Would Save Us(and the day) today...but it made a noise Michael didn't like...the guy said he'd take it somewhere this afternoon or tomorrow a.m. to see about the hopefully he is all up and up...cuz if i have to own a truck, this is the one.

we are having company for dinner tonight...they have to traverse through the side gates and in through the back door(much like my intruder last week)....since our front stairs are gone now... just another added jack-hammering scraping innermost dilemna....and i am making a something i have never made before....ya know, with liberties....cuz  really? foie gras ? that sounds most disgusting to me(and i work for a butcher).

and? we have booked company tomorrow too...and the contractors say we won't even have, not asking our friend(s) not to show....haven't seen them in a long time and they know the situation.... it's just this....i think i need a hero...

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

have i told you about my best housewarming present?

yeah, sure, i'm late, but that's my charm....there is a certain crafty missus you can find here.... . she is not only gifted..she's a hoot and a then some...

i have had already had someone go through  my car for spare change and a home invasion(with a confrontation but no worrisome attack) in this  neighbourhood(which was supposed to save me)....seriously....nanaimo has issues.  and i don't know how or if i am supposed to feel better here in the new hood when i have to make sure my doors are locked both day and night, even when i am home....

what gives?

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Guess where we're headed?!?

 we are heading out today to not the most dog-friendly place...but it's off-season and we don't care.... all we know is that she is so HAPPY here....
 and we always find treasure here....sometimes blue or red beach glass, sometimes a beautifully nature- shaped piece of drift wood....
 today, while trying to locate the eagle crying overhead, i, instead, found two giant pileated woodpeckers....what a gift.  how cool is that? i did say GIANT, right?   

and fungus is always cool, eh?
water rocks...
and driftwood is always beautiful. Right?