Friday, August 20, 2010

movin' on up? m'eh. not so much

just passed Lefty...two blocks from here at the off-leash dog park....probably selling meth or crack to whomever he was with in the shade. i know him well enough to know it's him. so should Nanaimo RCMP. he used to sell out front or out back of our last house...all the time, or hit those newbies to the street with extra up for freebies.... he thought he knew me, i could tell by how he looked at me....just couldn't place me. we've had plenty of words. plenty of altercations... i thought we'd moved up? we've spent a lot of money to get out of!? now what?


Biddie said...

Not a clue..I don't even have the words.
We traded crack heads for boozers here, which isn't much better, but since we only rent, it is soo much easier to leave if things get hairy.
This just sucks.

Michael said...